Thinking about how we impact the environment.

Bulmer and Lumb Group produce a wide product range from raw wool top, top dyed wool, package dyed yarn and synthetic fibres.

Investment in new equipment coupled with the skills, expertise and considerable experience of our staff, ensure that our production is of the highest consistency, with strict quality control procedures applied both during and after production. The company strives for continual improvement, and both management and staff are committed to managing the environmental impact of its process.

Bulmer and Lumb recognises the importance of protecting the environment and this is reflected in the following policies:

  • Ensure environmental awareness amongst all employees and provide training to allow them to meet their environmental responsibilities.
  • It is the intention of Bulmer and Lumb as far as is reasonably practicable to ensure all products and services provided fulfil their purpose as safely as possible without any detrimental impact to the environment.
  • Every effort is made to use precious natural resources and energy in the most efficient way and to reduce waste in all forms. It recognises the responsibility to dispose of all unavoidable waste as safely as possible utilising the latest advances in technology.
  • Bulmer and Lumb Group Ltd is fully compliant with the EA Industrial Emissions Directive. It is committed to ensuring no chemicals and dyestuffs used cause no harm including non-pollution of its manufacturing site, watercourse and emissions to atmosphere.
  • Regularly review our environmental performance and that of our systems and undertake waste reduction and re-cycling initiatives.
  • Set objectives and work towards targets to ensure continual environmental improvements.
  • Commitment to ensuring the next generation of technicians are committed and trained in environmental controls through a program of a documented apprentice training scheme utilising both internal and external training in environmental control procedures.