Space Dyeing

Space Dyeing

Bulmer and Lumb Group are ever mindful of changing demands within the realms of wool textile production, and to this end have recently formed a very close liason with West Yorkshire Spinners Ltd, to house and operate their yarn space dyeing machinery.

Space Dyeing 01

West Yorkshire Spinners have made a substantial investment in three SWA Continuous 6 Colour Roller Printing machines and one SWA Turbomat Continuous 6 Colour continuous Atomised Spray machine.

The machines are located in a recently built extension, along with allied steaming and drying machinery, operated by Bulmer and Lumb staff , therefore contributing their many years of technical expertise on colour, fastness and fibres to this relatively new means of colouration in collaboration with West Yorkshire Spinners expertise in worsted spinning.

Space Dyeing 02

These environmentally conscious machines allow for a large variety of up to 6 colour patterns to be applied to yarns of a variety of workable counts, they are all equipped with a state of the art PLC and touch screen panels allowing patterns of up to 300 colour spaces and pattern lengths of up to 1200 metres to be created.

Careful dyeware and auxiliary chemical selection combined with experienced machine operatives allow for the creation of product accepted in the trade as some of the best in the world.

The machines are all equipped with inverters on an AC motor drive, characterised as low energy, low noise and particularly low effluent creation through an efficient means of colour recirculation, therefore further contributing to Bulmer and Lumb Group's commitment to reduce the environmental burden relative to its operations.

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