Top Dyeing

Top Dyeing

Our top dyehouse was established in 1960 . The equipment consists of high pressure dye vessels suitable for both natural and synthetic fibre dyeing.

Top Dyeing 01

The skills and experience of our staff ensure that our production is of the highest consistency, with strict quality control procedures applied both during and after production. This ensures that only the highest quality material goes on to further processing into yarn.

Our modern dyehouse laboratory supports our dyers with colour computed matchings, dye recipes and monitors fastness requirements.

Top dyeing is carried out in varying sized vessels as dictated by the order weight, and with subsequent blending of fibres in our recombing department. We can make homogenous lot sizes up to 10 tons ready for the next stage of processing.

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The top dyeing route allows us to make mixture or melange shades, which is not possible in other yarn dyeing systems.

  • Top dyed production results in yarns for the highest quality woven goods, upholstery, machine knitwear, hosiery and hand-knitting.

  • We dye from the finest to the coarsest of wools, and those that have been shrink resist treated for machine washable knitwear.

  • Included in our ranges of natural fibres are noble fibres such as cashmere, alpaca, mohair, vicuna and silk.

  • Polyesters and nylon tops are dyed, predominantly for blending with wool.

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