Yarn Dyeing

Yarn Dyeing

An established package dyer specialising in a diverse range of yarns including: -
Yarn Dyeing 01      
 • Wool  • Cashmere
 • Mohair  • Wool / Nylon
 • Silk  • Wool / Polyester
 • Cotton  • Acrylic
 • Kanecaron Modacrylic  • Filament Nylon
 • Blends  • Spun Polyester
 • Filament polyester  • Lenzing Viscose FR Blends
 • Linen Blends  • Sirospun
 • Lambswool  • Chenille
 • Spun Nylon  • Tencel / Wool
 • Spun Rayon  • Air Textured Polyester

A highly experienced team of technical dyers and laboratory personnel look after the exacting task of dyeing the yarns to specification.

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Our laboratory pilot dyeing plant includes Ahiba, Roaches and Thies dyeing machines. New colours are matched and shades monitored using a Datacolour ‘Smart-match’ computer system and onsite we have our own sophisticated fastness testing facilities.

Soft winding Schlafhorst machines are used to produce mainly parallel sided dye packages. Most types of dye packages however can be accommodated in our versatile dyeing machines.
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The modern dyehouse is equipped with the latest Beacon controlled Thies package dyeing machines. Recipes are bar-coded and computer check weighed and dispensed to the machines automatically.

For drying Radio Frequency dryers and hot rooms, dependent on the type of yarn, are used. New capacity RF drying was installed in 2009. Yarns can be re-wound to provide an optimum package for the next process if neccesary.

An upgrade of the computer system during 2009 has significantly streamlined the efficiency of the operation.