Environment 01

It is the intention of Bulmer & Lumb, as far as is reasonably practical, to ensure that all products produced and the processes used to prepare them fulfil their purpose as safely as possible without any detrimental impact to the environment. Every effort is made to use natural resources and energy in the most efficient way and to reduce waste in all forms. It recognises the responsibility to dispose of all unavoidable waste as safely as possible using the latest advances in technology.

Environment 02

Bulmer & Lumb is fully compliant with the EEC Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevention Control. It is committed to ensuring chemicals and dyestuffs used cause no harm including non-pollution of manufacturing site, watercourses and emissions into the atmosphere.

Within the directives of the Climate Change Levy established to improve energy usage, the British Government offers incentives for the efficient use of energy by the use of modern technology. Bulmer and Lumb is achieving the levels set out by the Government assessors for the textile industry.

In addition, Bulmer & Lumb are currently working towards achieving ISO14001 accreditation through the implementation of an Environmental Management System.