Colour Matching & Lab Services

Bulmer and Lumb are committed to providing the finest colour matching service available, we retain a well-equipped Colour Matching laboratory, staffed with experienced trained personnel, along with a modern Technical Services laboratory capable of providing physical testing of fibre.

Our Colour Matching laboratory is equipped with both Mathis and Ahiba laboratory dyeing machines. Combined with the use of a Data-colour Smart-match system, this allows for the rapid and accurate reproduction of customer shades; either for submission for customer approval or for bulk dyeing.We can also provide all the common fastness tests required on coloured production: including fastness to washing, fastness to rubbing, fastness to light, fastness to water.

Our Technical Services laboratory is capable of carrying out the physical testing of fibres, and is equipped with the OFDA 4000 computer system, capable of providing a calibrated means of measurement of fibre micron and fibre length.

We are happy to carry out colour matching services, colour fastness testing services and the physical testing of fibre