Quality controlled processes ensure a  quality result

Bulmer & Lumb manufacture tops & yarns that are used in some of the finest fabrics in the world. From the fine worsteds of Savile Row to high street fashion , fabric producers know that they can rely on our specialist colour matching expertise and quality control to produce a consistent and superior product. Our bespoke approach & ability to deal with small lots sets us apart from other dye houses. 

Military precision is required even on the parade ground.

That’s why Bulmer & Lumb are trusted by some of the top suppliers to the armed forces and emergency services both at home & overseas. Our specialist colour matching expertise & state of the art equipment ensures consistent colour over batches, this blend of the traditional and high –tech helps fine tune colours to the highest standards when producing uniforms & mix & match suiting. 

Quality at 30,000 feet

Bulmer & Lumb’s expertise in dyeing & processing of fibres gives us the edge when it comes to dealing with products requiring particular shade, colour fastness or flame retardant properties. As with all our manufacturing, these products are subjected to the highest standards of quality control.