Combing & Gilling

The unique methods that we use have become the gold standard of colour blending and matching for which Bulmer and Lumb is internationally known. In our modern blending department, we are able to blend all wool and wool/synthetic blends. These can either be comb blended, where short fibres (noils), nep and slubs need to be removed from the blend, or gill blended where just the mixing of fibres are required.We produce blends for both weaving and knitwear through this department.

Our highly skilled and trained staff give special care to ensure the highest standards are achieved for each & every lot. Quality control is constantly monitored, to make sure the correct shades and blends are produced to the customers own specifications.

The size of lots handled ranges from just 20kgs to 10,000kgs meaning that we can give the same care & attention to both small handcraft customers & large uniform & corporate tenders.