Top Dyeing

Bulmer & Lumb’s Top Dyeing department combines years of expertise with the latest vessel technology. Our modern production facility utilises Thies Eco-bloc technology, equipped with variable flow inverter controls. This facilitates high density packing, variable flow control and variable fill levels.

All our dyeing vessels fitted with latest generation Adaptive Controls computer controllers. These are linked to a remote central plant explorer system;  giving optimum dye cycle repeatability, fibre treatment, shade reproducibility and batch traceability.

We are able to provide top dyeing of fine and coarse micron wool, as well as a range of speciality noble fibres such as cashmere, silk, alpaca and mohair, alongside synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon. The flexibility of our dye house means that we can handle single batch sizes from as little as 10kg up to 540kg per dyed tops & 900kg of package.

Bulmer & Lumb’s customers benefit from our ability to provide fast efficient and accurate colour reproduction. This is achieved through close liaison between trained technical dyers and highly experienced colour matchers.

Our staff utilise traditional skills combined with high-tech computer assistance to fine tune colour to the highest standards commercially possible. Rigorous checks of shade are made throughout processing to ensure that the customer’s specifications, critical standards & archive shades are met every time.

An internal order control system of automatic bar-coding and check weighing of all dyes and chemicals ensures maximum traceability of orders throughout the process.